Home is where we eat and sleep, where we spend time with family and friends and where we relax. So it’s not surprising that our homes have such a big impact on our happiness and wellbeing. We believe the minute you walk in through the door of your home you should feel positive vibes and be uplifted. It’s our aim to give every single one of our clients that happiness from their home. 


We want to make interior design fun and accessible to those who would never have considered hiring a designer.  Many people think an interior designer is just for the rich and famous, or worry an interior designer only works with big budgets.

In reality, we are not hugely concerned about the size of your budget or your house. We have an eye that can make high street brands look super stylish and elegant and can make them work in ways many others can’t, whilst also being comfortable working with bespoke designs and larger budgets. We have 2 types of services for you to choose from; If you live in Solihull, Birmingham or the surrounding Midlands area we offer an in person, face-to-face traditional service, and if you live anywhere else in the UK our online interior design service might be perfect for you!

The main thing is that we will work with you closely to create a pulled-together, curated look that works within your budget. You can be sure you will get a design that is sophisticated, elegant and unique.